Are You ...

 Frustrated by healthcare?

 Overwhelmed by the complexity?

 Sick & tired of not feeling your best?

 Want to fix your health & live A Better Life?


If So ...

Then You Are

NOT Alone!

Why is Healthcare

Such a Hassle?

 Although we try really hard

and we’re pretty smart people ...

  •  Healthcare is rapidly changing & we're stuck trying figuring it out all on our own.
  •  It's so frustrating & confusing to have so much contradictory information out there.
  •  It feels nearly impossible to get ourselves to an evidence-based diagnosis.
  •  Once diagnosed, nobody seems to know "How To" eliminate our disease completely.
  •  Medications only seem to manage our symptoms & cause unpleasant side effects. 
  •  We've got harmful toxins & chemicals hidden in our food, water, and air supply.
  •  We know that we need to detoxify our bodies, but have no idea "How To" do that. 
  •  Even though we make good choices & do all the right things, we still don't feel our best.
  •  We need a proven system for getting ourselves to our best wellness possible.    

 Can YOU Relate?

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Healthcare Does Not

Need To Be So Difficult.

There is a Better Solution!

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To Take the Hassles OUT of Healthcare

you just need to know one thing.


And that is:

What is Your "NEXT" Best Step?

Don't worry if you don't

know what that is.

We'll help you figure it out.

Just focus on getting to your


Use this HEALTH ASSESSMENT to help you identify the issues that are holding you back and preventing you from getting to your best wellness possible.

Let us help you get your life back on track super ... FAST !!


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 How Will This Help? 

It Will Help You Gain Control. 

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I've learned (the hard way) that the best way to simplify your healthcare is to NOT need it in the first place. Well, that's a bit obvious, right? But how exactly do you go about doing that, especially if you've got ongoing medical issues?

It's easier than you might think.

First, you need to identify the obstacles that are getting in your way. Next, you need to focus on removing the harmful toxins & nasty chemicals from your body that are dragging you down and are getting in your way. Finally, you need to restore your health at the cellular & mitochondria level.

And how do you do ...  ALL of that?

Systematically. Methodically. Taking it one hurdle at a time.

Let us help you to create an efficient & effective Action Plan to fix your body and eliminate your disease.

From there

you simply focus

on your highest priorities.

Look, when you're overwhelmed and overloaded, you simply cannot move forward with confidence, capability, or control. Instead, you end up running around in circles and driving yourself crazy. So, you've got to slow down and focus on what matters most, resolving your biggest issues first. Then, working to resolve them one-step-at-a-time, and doing so with purpose & intention.

Then, you need to work to break your challenges into bite-size pieces and focus on resolving your most pressing issues FIRST !!

The overall goal is to find the single most important task (or tasks) to focus on first, so that once resolved, everything else becomes so much easier, or unnecessary.

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 That's the Key to Success!

Working smart and NOT hard.

Focusing on your top priorities so that you can begin to move the needle of your wellness forward.

Then, remaining focused on your goals to move forward with purpose & intention until you reach ... your Ultimate Health.

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This comprehensive


will get you started

by giving you:


By helping you to figure out what's holding your health back and preventing you from getting to your best wellness possible.


By making every moment count and figuring out what your highest priorities are that you should focus on first.


By measuring how effectively you are achieving your overal goals & objectives and resolving your medical issues.


By understanding the bigger picture and figuring out what type of help you need most and where to go to get it.


By having a Roadmap to follow that will help you begin to worry less and galvanize you into taking the proper action.

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As a Board-Certified Patient Advocate

helping others since the year 2000,

I always hear people say:


“I’m so overwhelmed  & overloaded.

I have no idea WHERE to go,

WHAT to do, or even HOW

to do it in order to begin

fixing my Medical Issues.”


Retired man with household bills

That’s why I think

it's best to begin with

our Health Assessment.

It’s the ROADMAP

to your Better Health !!

It’s Quick.
And it’s Easy.

And, who knows?

You may even find it to be ... FUN.

Medical Maze - Roadmap

So, if you've got

Healthcare Struggles ...

or are helping others

who have Healthcare Struggles

This Health Assessment

is the Perfect Place to Begin.

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Our Health Assessment is part of our

CellCore Biosciences Detox Program

CellCore Biosciences is the Practitioner division of Microbe Formulas that will help you to detoxify your body in order to eliminate the nasty toxins & horrible chemicals that are dragging your health down and are getting in your way.


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Read for some great Training? 

Want to Simplify Healthcare?

Watch Our


"Simplifying Healthcare"

Learn How To Use the POWER of Advocacy

to Dramatically Improve Your Doctor Visits,

Telehealth Calls & Get 911-Ready.

It's available ... right now !!

Let us Help You Save Valuable Time, Money, and Energy and Get to Your Best Wellness Possible. You deserve that. Everone does !!

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You deserve to have the kind of health you love

in order to live the life of your dreams.

Come fix your health today!