A Better Life™ is dedicated to providing Educational Training & Coaching Programs for anyone who is struggling with Healthcare or Long-Term Care Aging issues. Too many Americans suffer needlessly because of how complicated things have become and because they don’t know how to maneuver through the medical maze. We’ll show you how to avoid the most common mistakes and teach you how to get Help for Life’s Most Challenging Issues©. We’ll share with you, in precise detail, what you can do to better advocate for yourself (and others) and how you can achieve superior medical outcomes at EVERY stage of life. Our Special Framework, entitled “8 Ways to Wellness”, will expertly guide you through the process of becoming a more powerful and effective Healthcare Consumer. We’ll share important information and special techniques for getting exceptional and affordable quality Healthcare. Above all, we’ll teach you how to Plan Properly, Prepare Adequately and Live A Better Life™.

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Our Medical Advocacy Programs will teach you how to take charge of your health and maneuver through the medical maze with much greater ease. You’ll learn step-by-step methods that you can use right NOW to get in control and stay in control, and actionable ways to advocate for yourself and those you love.

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Our Medicaid Planning Programs will give you the tools you need to significantly reduce what you’ll have to pay for Long-Term Care. Too many seniors wind up going broke paying for their care simply because they don’t know how to protect their assets. We’ll teach you what you can do so this doesn’t happen to you.

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Our Affordable Aging Programs will help you prepare for the transitions that come with aging. Whether you’re remaining at home and “Aging in Place” or transitioning to a Long-Term Care facility, we’ll teach you how to navigate life’s later transitions find the best options to meet your individual needs.

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Our Family Caregiver Programs are designed to help the nearly 66 million Americans who are currently caring for elderly loved ones. We’ll help you navigate the process with much greater ease and teach you how to make things as smooth and pleasurable as possible for both you and your loved ones.