Bonnie learned Medical Advocacy the hard way … by having 7 major operations, in just 9 years, and spending well over $250,000 in  the process. Her medical problems first began during college when she had difficulty concentrating and experienced chronic fatigue. She grew up, like many others, with the misconception that all you need to do  was to go to the doctor and get a prescription in order to get well. That is, until it didn’t work. She went round and round with the medical system, moving from to doctor after doctor, and treatment center to treatment center. She went undiagnosed, underdiagnosed, and misdiagnosed, more times than she could count … and spent years trying to get to a proper diagnosis. Nearly 20 years later, she experienced BIG frustrations again when she injured her knee and woke-up after surgery to hear, “I’m sorry, but we couldn’t fix you!” That kicked off nearly a decade of other major medical issues and back-to-back surgeries that quickly brought her back to where she had first begun. More than ever, she wished there was somewhere to go to get help, or training programs that could guide her. Since none were available, Bonnie was forced to go it alone.  Consequently, she made a lot of mistakes, and had to learn everything the hard way, through trail and error. Getting well again became a full-time job. Helping others avoid the same mistakes became a full-time career. Now Bonnie is developing the same types of Educational Training & Coaching Programs that she could only dreamed of having when she was in need.




ltc 77Bonnie wanted to give-up more times than she could count! She was so frustrated and fed-up with the medical system and felt like nobody truly understood what she was going through. She often jokes that she became the “Accidental Advocate“, but the truth of the matter is, that Bonnie began advocating for others at a very early age. Her mother died shortly before she turned 9, and by the  age of 13, she had become the full-time caregiver for two younger siblings, one of which had Downs Syndrome. So, later on in life, when she found herself afflicted with a number of medical issues, and was sick and tired of always being sick and tired, she knew that it was up to her to learn how to advocate for herself and learn how to take control of her healthcare. It wasn’t an easy process, but she stuck to it, eventually learned how to do it. Bonnie then began sharing her wonderful new “Self-Advocacy System” with others, and before she knew it, people were lining up on her doorstep asking her for help. That’s how she became a professional Medical Advocate. Over the next 15 years, Bonnie continued to helped others gain control over their Healthcare and taught them how to maneuver through our complicated medical maze. It didn’t take long for her to figure out there were way too many people out there needing help, and not enough hours in the day, for her to help them all. That’s when Bonnie decided to begin developing the kinds of Educational Training & Coaching Programs that she wished she had access to when she was first in need. Bonnie’s goal is to give everyone the tools and resources they need in order to survive – and thrive – in today’s Healthcare system. Now she shares her knowledge, wisdom, and expertise, helping others learn HOW to advocate for themselves (and their loved ones) and teaches them how to get to their best outcomes possible. With her help, anyone can learn how to become their own best advocate, take control of their Healthcare, reduce their frustrations, and ensure that they don’t end up paying more for their Healthcare or Long-term Care than is absolutely necessary.




87618f4b17fa2ce09192525d5e71d7efWhen Bonnie’s grandmother lost nearly all of her life’s savings (and got some really BAD advice) when it came time for Long-Term Care, Bonnie vowed to find a better way! Through diligent research and education, Bonnie discovered that the key to avoiding going broke was through doing “Life Transition Planning” and proper “Medicaid Planning“. Bonnie promptly began to study all about Affordable Aging and enrolled in a course to become a Certified Medicaid Planner™. She then mentored with one of the nation’s foremost leading experts in Medicaid Planning. Bonnie learned all about what it takes to qualify for Medicaid Benefits, how to avoid losing assets to Medicaid spend-down’s, how to protect yourself from estate recovery, how to use annuities as a Medicaid Planning tool, and what it takes to successfully pass on your wealth to your heirs. After a lot of hard work and dedication, Bonnie finally became one of only 6 Certified Medicaid Planners in all of Florida. She then began sharing her knowledge and expertise with others who seeking more affordable aging options. Now, Bonnie continues to advocate for those in need and is teaching others how to prepare for the high costs of aging, what Medicaid Planning is, how it works, how they can benefit from it and how it can be successfully used to drastically reduce what is being paid for Long-Term Care. Bonnie firmly believes that the key to successful aging is to learn how to Plan Carefully, Prepare Properly, and Live a Better Life™.




veterans2Bonnie is also very passionate about providing Advocacy for our nation’s Veterans. Several of her family members served in the military and she knows first-hand the sacrifices they have made. Her elderly neighbor was also a Veteran, having served during the Korean and Vietnam War. When his wife’s health first began to deteriorate, he immediately came to Bonnie for help. She had heard of a military benefit for Veterans (spouses/widows, too) called the VA Aid & Attendance Pension Benefit. Bonnie tried to help him get his benefits in order to pay for his wife’s in-home care. Unfortunately, the bureaucracy and red-tape caused huge delays and he gave up!  He ended up selling his home and moving his wife into a long-term care facility. It broke Bonnie’s heart to see them go, and after living happily together, side-by-side, for more than 25 years, she felt as if she had lost her own family members. This left an enormous impact on her life and she vowed to find a better way to help other Veterans who were in need. She co-founded a program to help aging veterans and also is developing Educational Training & Coaching Programs to educate Veterans about the VA Aid & Attendance Benefit, what it is, how it works, what the qualification criteria is, and how to find quailed help. Bonnie’s greatest hope is that everyone who has earned this benefit will get it in order to help them offset their care expenses as they age.




ltc 28Bonnie is also inspiring those who are on the frontlines of Healthcare each and every day. Her goal is to help all Family Caregivers and Professional Medical Workers to become better at what they do. By gaining deeper insights and a greater understanding of the challenges they face, she feels they will become better equipped to help those they serve. Bonnie’s hope is to provide useful information and valuable techniques to train these individuals, so that they can in-turn make it easier for those they care for. Just as it “takes a village” to raise a child, she feels it also “takes a village” to care for our aging population. Bonnie believes the more skills that we can teach Family Caregivers and Medical Workers, the better. Her Educational Training & Coaching Programs are helpful for anyone in a caregiving capacity, or Employee Assistance Program. With baby boomers now reaching retirement age and people living much longer, there will be approximately 83 million seniors to care for by the year 2050. It’s going to take a monumental effort to meet all the demands of an aging population that are coming our way and a lot more people in the industry than we currently have trained.  Bonnie’s goal is to solve our healthcare dilemma from the ground up – helping encourage and prepare others to meet the challenges and demands that lie ahead, so that they can unite together and work towards creating a better Healthcare system for one and all.