Ever heard the expression, No Man is an Island?” Meaning, that no 1 person is self-sufficient, or could stand alone, and that everyone must rely on someone else in order to survive? Well, that certainly is the case for me. I am enormously grateful for all the wonderful people in my life that have provide me with help and support behind the scenes, and on a day-to-day basis. I am surrounded by the most wonderful team of individuals, who believe in me, and my mission in helping others learn how to advocate for themselves and get the tools they need in order to handle their complicated aging issues. These are my heroes and the ones who are standing behind me and helping me to find my way in order to bring all of these wonderful Educational Training & Coaching Programs to you.

This team of specialists at A Better Life™ is comprised of the most caring, compassionate, kind, and understanding professionals, who have dedicated their own lives to the service of others. They work very hard to help me create valuable content and quality information for all our Educational Training & Coaching Programs. They strive to share their knowledge, their wisdom, and their expertise in Patient Empowerment, Healthcare Advocacy, Family Caregiving and Affordable Aging Strategies, and to provide you with exceptional Help for Life’s Most Challenging Issues©. Their goal is to assist people of all ages, and all stages of life, to improve upon their own personal experiences within the Healthcare System, in order to reach their best outcomes possible. They are passionate about helping others learn “How To” live a take-charge life and understand the many strategies that can be used in order to reclaim their health and well-being.  Above all, they just want to be there to help me teach you how to Plan Properly, Prepare Adequately, and live A Better Life™. I am enormously blessed and forever thankful to have each and every one of them in my life.


Bonnie K. Brown is a Medical Advocate, Certified Medicaid Planner™ and Affordable Aging Expert who is passionate about helping others navigate the many challenges of life. She founded A Better Life™ after dealing with her own medical challenges and wasn’t fully prepared to handle them.



Ray Bloss is a talented Physician’s Assistant and former Combat Veteran of Desert Storm. He served as a Medical Specialist in the U.S. Army for over 20 years, where he earned a Meritorious Service Medal for outstanding performance as an Aeromedical Physician Assistant.

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Tal Bratton’s  is the co-founder of the Veteran Support Services® Program, which enables wartime Veterans (and their spouses/widows) to Age in Place with help from their VA Benefits. His mission is to help provide the highest quality long-term care advice and planning solutions to those in need.

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Bryan Frankel is a dedicated Elder Care Attorney who spent the past 17 years helping families prepare for the challenges that come with aging.  He has provided valuable assistance with Life Transition Planning, Medicaid Planning, Wills, Trusts, Advanced Directives, Guardianships and Estate Planning.

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Mary Lou Huber is a Gerontologist, Licensed Practical Nurse, and Licensed Massage Therapist, who has been providing care and support for over 30 years. Her focus is on helping those struggling with chronic pain, complex medical issues, and aging care challenges.



Bethanie Nonami is the “Technology Angel” that has literally helped to bring A Better Life™ … to life!  Her expertise in Websites, Social Media Marketing, SEO Analysis, Google Analytics, Emails, Opt-Ins, and all things “computers” is dwarfed by her Video Production capabilities. As the founder of Memento, Bethanie is helping others make a difference and an impact sharing their stories and building legacies one video at a time.

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